Shakib rock coming at a time in America


Caribbean Premier League (CPL) in the last four games the team has confirmed Shakib Al Hasan Tallawahs Jamaica. Tomorrow they will play against Darren Sammy joukasera St. Lucia. It is to be mentioned that the game will be held in the United States. Florida Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf …

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Papaya reduce the risk of stroke and cancer!


Although it is not as tasty vegetarian raw green papaya papaya is very common use. He considers it a valuable nutrient papaya fruit. The scientific name of Carica Papaya. Another name of papaya fruit. Because it has many healing powers. Amisake pepeina the elements of digestion and assimilation tantrake easily …

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Do not drink on an empty stomach to eat at 8


Usually the body is very important to eat a healthy diet. So what kind of food you eat during a meal, or what the situation is very important that you focus on eating. According to a recent study, there are some foods which are consumed on an empty stomach is …

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He will not play for Sussex Mostafiz!


Millions of fans are concerned! What happened Mostafiz? How serious arm injury? It is not bad, right? Cutting Master no longer be able to play for Sussex? Looking forward to know everyone. Bangladesh’s chief selector Minhajul Abedin Nannu and time again melacchena watching the clock and says, What is this …

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More bad luck for Mostafiz Rahman took the MRI report!


After showing glimpses of county cricket debut for Mostafiz  Rahman is not without luck. County had to play after recovering from injuri cutting master. But after the second match injure read again. The first report of the MRI were not happy. Mostafiz  Rahman was diagnosed with shoulder slyape first emaaraaitei. …

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Fresh air into the anal ‘baby killing’


Rakib anal air into the killing last year of Khulna Shishu saradesake moved. At least two people were awarded death penalty. Do not cut back the years to escape from buying such disgusting. Now a thread factory in Narayanganj, Rupganj police colleagues yatramura Sea Barman (10) A child’s anal wind …

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Cancer would be playing chicken!


According to experts, there is a toxic chemical element arsenic in chicken meat. The whole world is panic chickens cancer. America has already begun brawl. The chicken meat sold in the market is that the presence of cancer-causing ingredients has claimed that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to …

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After the mother’s abdominal reduce fat


Giving birth to a child in a woman’s life is very difficult. Mother’s weight loss after pregnancy is not so easy. Abdominal fat is especially cesarean takes a lot to bring down the previous state. Most women spent their lives changed with the situation. Because they can not believe that …

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4 ways to pull people’s choice?


In today’s age, the type of relationship has changed. But the men and women were less attracted to each other. Women think that this question is still lingering, that give the key to his loved ones? In fact, in order to attract people to himself, as there is no rulabuka. …

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